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"Here kitty kitty!"

incubus-eren-jaeger answered:

Eren had felt something happen to him. He felt something on his head and had ran his hand through his hair to stopped to feel cat ears. “What the hell?” Eren had got up from the bed and went into the bathroom to see cat ears and a tail. “ARMIN!!!!!!”



Armin jumps, nearly dropping her book. “What? Did I leave my socks in the bathroom again?” She was notoriously forgetful about her personal belongings, especially clothing. Heading into the bathroom, her jaw drops as she spots the matching tail and ears attached to Eren. “Are those…. yours?…”

Eren had looked at Armin and his tail moved back and forth, slowly. He was looking back at himself in the mirror to see the cat ears. "What the fuck. Please tell me this isn’t part of Hanji’s experiments."

"Not that I’m aware of…." Besides, making sure Eren wouldn’t wake up during the procedure would mean he’d still be loopy from all the sedatives. From what she could tell, his normal ears were gone without a trace; not even a scar. "I’m honestly stumped."



Sleep wasn’t coming as soundly as Eren had hoped. He managed to doze for awhile, never really reaching true sleep. But it was far better than staying up. He dozed for a few hours, until the glow of an overcast morning reached his eyes. Opening them, he let out a yawn before looking about himself.

"Huh…" He mumbled. "Where did the snake go?" He stretched a bit before standing, feeling stiff. He poked at his shirt hopefully. It was mostly dry, a bit damp in some parts, but good enough. He pulled it back on before getting his things together, priority one: reloading his gun.

When morning came, both Armin and Cleo were sleeping. The blonde was on her back, one arm thrown over her eyes, while the snake was on her stomach. For better or worse, neither of them managed to disturb the other.

A few minutes after Eren wakes up, Armin regains consciousness. “Eren… get off me… I’m not a chair.” It wouldn’t be the first time she’s woken up with something heavy on top of her; everything from books and friends to a dog and dollhouse.


cadet-eren answered:

Sanatorium!AU: One of our characters is a long time resident in a sanatorium and the other is the new staff member assigned to care for them.

Anyone who came across Eren during the day would not have guessed that he was one of the patients allowed to wander the halls. He seemed normal enough, perhaps a bit angry and aggressive at times, but nothing ever strong enough to actually end up in here. Especially for the amount of time he had actually been in the hospital.

But these were not the same people who saw him when he was alone. What seemed like he was just talking himself was full on conversations in his mind. Conversations with people who never existed, created in a world that Eren almost seemed stuck in. The screams of him waking up from the horrific nightmares, the talk of flying and fighting, of a world that could never exist… When he was being studied, Eren was both a fascinating and terrifying individual Though no one could understand what had started the clawing at himself, as if he was trying to rip himself out of something. The first day he had met the new members, long bandages ran down his cheeks, though nothing could deny the bright smile on the other’s lips.

Really, he could have just as easily been a normal teenager, except for one striking thing about him, his eyes. The two extremely different tones stood out, as he finally glanced at the blonde. She was cute… And looked rather sweet.

He just hoped that he wouldn’t dream of her.



Armin was having a bit of a hard time believing this was really happening. Her first kiss was going to a guy she’s just met in a mental ward; who she’s assigned to care for. Well, if this wasn’t going to make things awkward, she didn’t know what would. And that was presuming he didn’t pull another move like this. Eren probably would, considering that they hadn’t known each other for more than twenty minutes.

She stares at him, trying to put together a competent sentence and not make a massive fool out of herself. “Why…. W-what was that for?…” Judging by how hot her cheeks felt, they were probably a shade of red that would put a fire truck to shame. First day of work, and her patient had already managed to turn her into a flustered disaster. Fantastic.

The taste of success lingered on his lips as he sat there, watching her for a moment longer. Hell, he’d do anything to finally get cleared… He hadn’t seen the outside world in almost too much time, so whether it was for a week, month or years after, he wanted to know what was happening out there. He wanted to experience life again.

Really, they should know better than to just leave him with a new hire. “It’s because you’re so cute.” He said, leaning back and holding up his other hand, just for her to change the bandages on that one as well. It was a test, he wanted to see how professional she could make herself once again.It was all about testing limits, nothing more and nothing less.

Armin honestly couldn’t make heads or tails of the situation, for the first time since she earned her title. It was like her brain blew a fuse, shutting down the rational part of her. “M-might need an eye exam, Eren…”

Backing up a bit, she begins unwrapping his hand. Her professional calm was essentially obliterated, but still repairable. Thankfully, she was supposed to supervise the Bingo tournament right after this. Even if he decided to participate, there would be enough people there for Armin to somewhat avoid him.


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"No idea..." She tilted her head to the side, examining the... clone? There were subtle differences, barely noticeable unless you really were looking. "So, what are you?"

quickthinkingblond answered:

The male noticed the differences as well. “What am I?” The male asked in in disbelief. “I should be asking you that.” That’s when he had an idea. “Let’s see if we share the same knowledge..What are the names of the two people you grew up with?”



"I’m honestly stumped. She remembers everyone, just as baffled as the rest of us, and in a full uniform with no signs of wear and tear. Your shifter theory might as well be right, although she’d need an informant." If Amy really was a shifter, and was confronted, chances were that she’d turn into a Titan. Two Titans duking it out outside the headquarters would end in both massive infrastructure damage and a sky-high casualty count.

"Nothing. I just have a tad bit of an anxiety problem."  Armin rubs the back of her neck, smiling sheepishly. Easy enough explanation for jitteriness around people, especially louder people like Jean and Eren. Hopefully she’d believe it.

While Hanji spoke, Armin thought back to when he first figured out what Anne was. The damage she and Eren did to the inner city, the blond could only imagine what one shifter would do to Headquarters. “If she was a shifter, how would she know everyone? That just explains her showing up, not the intimate knowledge she has.”

"Oh, well sorry about stressing you out with all these questions." The dark haired female apologized, but she didn’t believe the excuse. Amy hadn’t seemed this nervous earlier. "I didn’t mean to make you anxious."

"I have no idea. It’s the only lead we can follow up on, unless someone can go dimension jumping." The shifter theory was flawed, but not impossible. An informant could supply basic knowledge and clothing, but her in-depth memory was a problem. Mind reading, perhaps?

"It’s fine. It’s not like I’m going to have a panic attack and faint or anything." Mikasa obviously didn’t believe her. The web of lies was getting too big, too complicated to maintain, especially with people seeing right through them.


Ask Memes - Attack on Titan themed

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"Leave me behind."

kamikazejaegerbomb answered:

Eren looked at her with horror in his eyes, the simple idea of hit making him cringe. 

"You know damn well I wont! So get over it!" He grabbed her shoulders, clenching them in his somewhat dirty hands; "We’ll get through this.. I promise."  

He tried a small smile, his eyes looking worn out and tired but still softened when he was speaking to her. They could get through anything together, right? Everything and anything could be gotten through, as long as they stayed together right? 




"Shit.. Armin stay with me.." Eren tore a piece of bandage off and doused it with alcohol to start dabbing at the wounds. He hoped if anything maybe the sting of the product would jolt her back. His hand kept returning to her neck, checking her pulse and his eyes stayed fixed on her chest that was rising and falling. Even if it was faint. 

"Come on Armin.. Stay with me, keep focused if you can hear me.. It’s going to be alright, you have to make it, yeah? What about the outside world.. What about the lakes filled with salt you told me about.. The water that’s made of fire.. We have to see all that.." Eren frantically cleaned the wounds; pouring a bit of the alcohol over them before lighting the candle with one of the others that were already lit. 

Running the needle through the flame until it was nearly too hot to touch, he threaded it up with the silk thread and before long started to suture her wounds closed. He used large stitches like Hanji had taught him and tried to remember everything he could of their medical classes. 

He took great pains in making sure the stitches were well made, forcing the larger of the cuts to mend together and hopefully prevent any bleeding. 

Once he finished the thread and tied it off, he grabbed the bandages and started to wrap her abdomen up with them; letting the lap snugly against her skin to keep pressure on the wounds. 

"You can’t leave me Armin.. You can’t break up what little Mikasa and I have left.. We’re the shinganshina trio.. We have to make it."

Armin remained perfectly still throughout the entire chain of events, looking more like a medical cadaver than a living human. Whatever did this to her would have hell to pay when Eren finds it. A Titan would explain the broken bones, but what about the cuts? Nothing could make a wound that precise.

As Eren dabs rubbing alcohol on a gash, one hand weakly curls into a fist. It wasn’t quite what he was hoping for, but it was better than her waking up and promptly going into shock. Armin occasionally flinches, just enforcing the fact that she was still alive.

A barely audible squeak escapes her lips as the bandages tighten around her chest, pressing broken ribs into place and stemming bleeding. She was far from conscious, although it still raised Eren’s hopes.

Once the bandages were thickly secured onto Armin’s waist, Eren moved his hand to grab hers, holding it tightly in his grasp and trying to keep the tears from streaming down his face. 

"C-Come on.. You have to make it.. There’s no if’s and’s or but’s about it." Giving her hand a firm squeeze, he cleared the desk of anything that didn’t need to be there; returning the supplies to the cabinet. 

Reaching into the lower shelf he picked up a thick wool blanket, bringing it back to her side. “Let’s try and get you a little more comfortable, yeah?” He asked softly, not expecting a reply by now. He mainly wanted to make himself feel better by having the sense that she was there. Eren pulled the jacket and filthy undershirt from underneath her, tossing them aside in a pile to be looked at later; unfolding the blanket and laying it over her body before tucking the sides in gently. 

"There.. Now you’ll stay warm.." Pulling up a chair to the desk, Eren sat beside her and slowly tucked his arm up under her heat; supporting it and trying to give her something a bit more comfortable to lay on. "You’ll get through this.." 

Grabbing her hand and setting his head on the desk beside her, it looked to bleak right now without even a word from her.. But there wasn’t anything else for them to do but wait. 

Armin’s hand folds around Eren’s, a reflex pretty much burned into her DNA. Something touches her hand, grab onto it and try not to let go. This was proven when he gets up, attempting to put away supplies. She doesn’t relinquish her grip until he gets too far away for her to hold on in her position.

After a while, she seems to be stable, breathing and pulse slowing down. There may be a chance of survival yet. Armin’s features go from blank to calm, marking the transition from unconsciousness to sleep. At least she didn’t seem to be having a nightmare.

An hour or so passes, and she returns to consciousness. Her eyes slid open a fraction, immediately regretting doing so. Everything was either incredibly sore or numb. Well, it was better than everything hurting.


Torture sentece starters

  • "Stop it! Please!"
  • "Stop the pain... I'm begging you."
  • "You won't be needing that eye anymore, might as well take it out."
  • "No one will save you."
  • "Why are you doing this to me?"
  • "I will make you suffer."
  • "P-please... anything but that..."
  • "I won't kill you, I'll do much worse."
  • "I won't let you get away with this."
  • "No! Stop!"
  • "What a mess I've made. Do you know how to get bloodstains out of clothing?"
  • "When I'm done with you death will be a blessing."
  • "You won't get me to spill so easily."
  • "You're insane!"
  • "Stop! I'll tell you what you want!"
  • "TELL ME!"
  • "You look so pathetic sitting there all chained up."
  • "Don't bother, the restraints are solid steel."
  • "I want to make sure you feel every second of this."
  • "I think you can live with a few fingers missing."
  • "By the time the police find you they won't be able to tell if your corpse is even human."
  • "How does this feel!?"
  • "Here's how it's going to work, you tell me what I want or I'll pour this boiling water on you and laugh at your screams."