"At least we can’t mistake him for anyone else." Armin peers down the hall, eyes straining to see through the darkness. No movement, as far as she could tell. "The blood might be from some poor church caretaker or someone. And we shouldn’t split up, not with at least two other supers in the building."

"Mm…alright." He said. Well at least this way he could insure her safety. "You think someone would be here this late? Well, maintenance maybe." He figured if there was blood and no person, maybe the paramedics had already taken care of it. "Hey do you think we’re…trespassing on a crime scene? Should we talk to the cops or no?"

"Nope. Definitely not. The police may uphold the law, but we can’t go to them." Armin began walking back towards the blood, gauntlets at the ready. As quick as she saw it, she shouted for Eren to look out, it it was too late. A sheet of ice grew under their feet, knocking them both onto the cold ground.


cadet-eren answered:

Sanatorium!AU: One of our characters is a long time resident in a sanatorium and the other is the new staff member assigned to care for them.

Anyone who came across Eren during the day would not have guessed that he was one of the patients allowed to wander the halls. He seemed normal enough, perhaps a bit angry and aggressive at times, but nothing ever strong enough to actually end up in here. Especially for the amount of time he had actually been in the hospital.

But these were not the same people who saw him when he was alone. What seemed like he was just talking himself was full on conversations in his mind. Conversations with people who never existed, created in a world that Eren almost seemed stuck in. The screams of him waking up from the horrific nightmares, the talk of flying and fighting, of a world that could never exist… When he was being studied, Eren was both a fascinating and terrifying individual Though no one could understand what had started the clawing at himself, as if he was trying to rip himself out of something. The first day he had met the new members, long bandages ran down his cheeks, though nothing could deny the bright smile on the other’s lips.

Really, he could have just as easily been a normal teenager, except for one striking thing about him, his eyes. The two extremely different tones stood out, as he finally glanced at the blonde. She was cute… And looked rather sweet.

He just hoped that he wouldn’t dream of her.



Armin squeaked in alarm, flinching away from the bolted-down chair. Even though she knew it couldn’t fall, it was pure instinct that guided her movements. Sudden movement always scared her, especially when it had even the slightest possibility of harming her.

Eren’s words hurt just as much as that chair would’ve, if it wasn’t immobile. Armin wasn’t unfamiliar with insults, almost always like this. Spoken by a near stranger, for whom she had nothing but good intentions. The blonde slowly gets to her feet, careful not to spook Eren further. “If that’s what you want. Goodbye, Eren.” She quietly padded out of the room, closing the door behind her.

Well, that had done it. He couldn’t help the unseen tears that slipped from his eyes. so angry at the world and himself. He hated the words that slipped from him, but he hated her fake attitude. He was just another project to her anyways, so why should he care about hurting her or not? He hadn’t meant to scare her though… Or had he.Maybe he had. He wanted her to be just as scared as he was.

It took hours for him to get up from behind the chair, Eren was sure she had left him, like he had demanded. It was his fault everyone left him. This was just another bit of proof as to why he couldn’t be released, why he would never be released from this hellish place. He just didn’t handle people well. The nurse that came in that night even seemed wary, passing him the drugs that were supposed to help him sleep.

Yeah right. Nothing helped him anymore.

All he wanted was to see the outside, but he had blown that chance too.

Armin, as expected of her, went straight to bingo. Eren wasn’t there, as predicted, although she couldn’t help but wonder if she made a good choice. Was it really a smart move to leave him alone when he was like that? Eren had demanded for her to leave, and she’d left. Why was this so hard?

As night approached, Armin asked a more experienced nurse to give Eren his medicine, as she was exhausted. Thankfully, she agreed with her and didn’t press further. She didn’t know if she could face him again, not after today. But someone has to take care of him?


the-adventures-of-fem-armin asked:

"Just leave me..."

red-scarfed-protector answered:


"But… Armin, I can’t leave you like this…" Mikasa stared at the blond, expression a bit panicked.




Armin flinched slightly when Mikasa put her hand to the break, just above her knee. The break could be felt, as it was concerning close to the surface. Any stress, and the bone might go through her skin. “I’ll be fine without it.”

She sighed and used her cloak and the branches to make the splint for Armin’s leg. “Okay, we won’t set it … But don’t fight me about this anymore okay… We will stay high in the trees…”

Armin clenched her fist as the makeshift splint tightened around her leg. “There is the slight problem of carrying me and using the grips at the same time. It’s kinda impossible, unless I can manage to cling onto you like a sloth.” She was already feeling weak and sleep seemed closer by the minute.


Fallen Angel || the-adventures-of-fem-armin



Armin stared at the human, stunned by their rambling. She knew their world was increasingly loud, bright, and shiny, but were all humans like this? As the human talked, the blonde was attempting to sit up, to no  avail. It felt like her back was shredded, and it probably was. Whoever attacked her had made certain that there was nothing left of her wings, shearing them down to her back.

The human talked so much, Armin couldn’t get a word in edgewise. When they finally stopped for a breath, she managed to cram all of the requested information in a matter of seconds. “Armin. No hospital. Yes, bandages.” A trip to a human hospital would end disastrously, probably with her being experimented on. But, wounds of that size required medical attention, and a lot of it.

Suddenly, the human… err, Hanji, yanks Armin to her feet, nearly pulling her arm out of the socket. They were certainly strong, even though Armin was petite and tiny, with or without wings. She stumbles forwards into their arms, legs shaking severely.  “T-there isn’t…. It’s just sky…” 

Hanji’s head snapped back to face the girl now slumped in her arms. In all her questioning she’d forgotten which was more important, her fascination or the girl’s wounds. Her stream of questions completely stopped and her voice lowered to a softer tone as she spoke again. “Of course, let’s hurry you back over to my van. We’re just about an hour’s drive from my home and I’ve got bandages back there.” She allowed the injured girl to put her weight on Hanji as they started slowly walking back towards the nearby road.

"Do you know what happened? Like where you fell from or what caused the wound? It looks pretty gruesome." She figures asking a question or two on the way might be a good idea simply to figure out exactly what kind of damage she should be looking for. The fall could’ve lead to some internal bleeding or fractured bones too for all she knew, with the girl simply being too much in shock to feel them yet.

When they reached the van she paused to think about how to situate everything. The girl’s back clearly meant she couldn’t sit up normally in the front seat or anything. Lying on her stomach was clearly the only option at the moment even if it meant she’d be stuck in the back seats. “Let’s just have you lay down here,” she opened the back door and motioned to the connected seats. “I know it’s not the comfiest bed but I’ll try to get us back as quickly and smoothly as possible.”

Armin limped in the direction Hanji was inching towards, trying to stay upright. Every step hurt, even the smallest of movements. Thankfully, Hanji was supporting most of her weight, so all she had to do was stay upright and inch forward. The ground was uneven and pitted, making it hard not to stumble. It was strange, that a human would help someone that just fell out of the sky and gouged a ditch roughly the length of a school bus.

"I was attacked… Don’t know who…" It was definitely an angel that attacked her, for only angel blades could harm an angel without disintegrating. The question was who, and what the traitor wanted. An angel turning traitor was unheard of, especially one bold enough to strike one of its former comrades. Now, both of them were exiles, one unknown and the other visible as an eclipse in the desert.

Armin nods, climbing into the… thing. She had no idea what it was, and wasn’t going to ask, not now. If she survived, that would be one of the first things she’d ask Hanji. The blonde curls up on the seat, facing the back, as not to possibly irritate the wounds further. It’d be a miracle if she made it.


the-adventures-of-fem-armin asked:

“You don't remember any of this?”

jaegerbombtastic answered:

Eren held his head as the throbbing only seemed to get worse. He groaned as the dull pain only got more severe. “No.” It looked so familiar. A fountain by the edge of a grove of trees. A beautiful fountain that he could not remember. Memories whizzed by in his brain as he tried to search for that one particular memory. Nothing. It seemed that the horrible injury that had sustained his head, had caused some amnesia. Hopefully it wasn’t permanent. “Tell mewhat we did here.”



"The closest we’ll ever get to that is 3D maneuver gear." Armin secretly hated the burdensome gear, no matter how well-designed it was. It brought about a feeling of anxiety, wondering what would need the gear brought out for. It was never good news, even way back then, when they were still learning.

He imagined for a brief moment what it was like without the burdening straps that weighted his body. He imagined wings sprouting from his back. He smiled  in small delight as he closed his eyes. The world below him, spread out like butter. “I don’t think we’ll be able to fly like a bird for quiet some time. Maybe it’ll happen soon.” He liked to give Armin a taste of reassurance most of the time. 

"Maybe. But it’s unlikely that technology will ever get to the soldiers, given how corrupted everything is." Armin frowned slightly, crossing her arms. The fact that someone other than the military had 3D maneuver gear was agitating. People were stealing, selling, and buying items that rightfully belonged to the state.


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