"No, winter only sucks in the end of the world. I liked winter before." He argued, sneezing. He scooted a little further away from Armin, not wanting her to catch his cold.

"But you’re probably right about us getting sick. But I’ll do my best to keep away from you so you don’t catch my sick." He longed for Mikasa. She was so good at taking care of them when they were sick. It was a skill Eren just couldn’t teach himself.

"It was still pretty horrible. Remember the sledding incident?" It had been so cold that snow had turned to ice, somehow prompting Eren to push Armin around the yard on a sled. They’d gotten too close to the hill slope, and down she went, crashing into a tree at the bottom. The blonde was stuck down there for a good thirty minutes before Eren’s dad could come and rescue her.

"Yeah. You already sound horrible." Their immune systems were practically nonexistent, making it extremely easy for them to get and stay sick. Give it a day or so, and she’d be just as bad as him.

"Ugh…Dad scolded me for ten years about that." That was an exaggeration. But Grisha did ground Eren for two weeks after that, taking his video games, movies, and TV. Looking back, Eren realized he had been pretty reckless with Armin.

"I sound horrible? I’m offended." He teased, stretching out his arms to be closer to the fire. He felt like it was impossible for him to keep warm, and he had already torn through half of Fear Itself.

"It was kinda my fault for wearing that… thing. I looked like a pink marshmallow." Armin hated the snowsuit, but what choice did a six-year-old have? At the time, her argument against it was that neither Mary Poppins nor Matilda wore snowsuits. It didn’t work.

"Oh, did I hurt your feelings, Princess?" She grins, buttoning up her jacket. Hoping the fire would catch now, she tosses another handful of hay into it.

"Princess?" Eren arched a brow. "I feel like the correct term is Queen." He snickered, sitting up a little to mimic his royal status. "For the record, I thought you looked more like cotton candy."

Though Eren couldn’t tease too much, because at least she was prepared for the cold. His mother only managed to get a scarf and boots on him before he was out the door, wearing a sweater and pajama bottoms.

"You wish." As an only child, Eren was pretty much her brother. They fought occasionally, but got along most of the time. Although, when it came to movie-picking, it was a no-holds-barred fight.

"I was not that puffy." Armin didn’t grow out of her baby fat for a long time, until fifth or sixth grade. That might’ve been part of the reason she isolated herself, as books never judged a soul.


the-adventures-of-fem-armin asked:

"No idea..." She tilted her head to the side, examining the... clone? There were subtle differences, barely noticeable unless you really were looking. "So, what are you?"

quickthinkingblond answered:

The male noticed the differences as well. “What am I?” The male asked in in disbelief. “I should be asking you that.” That’s when he had an idea. “Let’s see if we share the same knowledge..What are the names of the two people you grew up with?”





"I have no idea. It’s the only lead we can follow up on, unless someone can go dimension jumping." The shifter theory was flawed, but not impossible. An informant could supply basic knowledge and clothing, but her in-depth memory was a problem. Mind reading, perhaps?

"It’s fine. It’s not like I’m going to have a panic attack and faint or anything." Mikasa obviously didn’t believe her. The web of lies was getting too big, too complicated to maintain, especially with people seeing right through them.

The blond let out a sigh. “We may never be able to find out, unless we came out and asked her directly. Asking her directly maybe difficult though. Dimension jumping would be an interesting theory…”

She knew that if the other girl had to lie then the lie must be a big one. “I’m still sorry. I didn’t mean to make you anxious. Even if it isn’t that severe.” The woman took a quick glance around the mess hall. “Do you know where Armin or Eren are? I haven’t seen them for a bit.”

Hanji nodded, sitting on the edge of her desk. Who knows what she’d do about being confronted about being a shifter. “Yeah… But when you think another world, you think the exact opposite. Like, everyone’s gender swapped and the Titans are friendly giants that build houses for us or whatever. Not just one person gender swapped. Perhaps a spectrum of worlds?…”

"Um… I think Armin’s sorting papers for Hanji. As for Eren, no idea." Eren’s absence might be a bit of a problem. There was no telling what he could be doing. For all she knew, he could’ve gotten suspicious and eavesdropped on Hanji’s office.

"A spectrum? That could make sense, though it would be incredibly hard to prove, not to mention convince the superiors that it could exist." The blond mused. "This is all so confusing."

"Thanks for telling me. I think I’m going to find, Eren. Who knows what he’s up to?" She asked, rhetorically. Mikasa picked up her tray of food, and returned the tray and the items on it. "It was nice meeting you, Amy. I’ll see you around."

"Agreed. They’d never approve funding for this kind of research, but proving she’s not a shifter or anything should be enough to convince them somewhat." Hanji crosses her arms, thinking of how they could prove that. It’s not like they could feed her to a Titan. "Idea. If you’re the same person, you should have the same scars, birthmarks, and sunspots. They’re pretty much impossible to replicate."

"Uh, yeah. Bye…" Armin half-waved at her, smiling slightly. If Eren’s absence was bad, this was a catastrophe. It was more than likely they were both suspicious and would trade notes on the doubles.


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1. My muse met yours at [mun picks location] and was so excited to see you muse that they tackled them in a hug.

2. My muse tried to beat your muse in a race but face planted.

3. My muse got excited and fangirled/fanboyed in front of your muse.

4. My muse wanted a puppy/kitten and your muse said no, so they began crying and begging to convince your muse. It worked.

5. My muse was running to hug your and tripped, and fell face first into the dirt/sand/grass.

6. My muse screamed at the sight of a spider. In a restaurant, and begged yours to kill it.

7. My muse tried to push yours into the pool but slipped and fell in, and didn’t even get a drop of water of yours.

8. My muse tried to surprise yours by jumping out of the shadows but yours punched them in the face.

9. Your muse scared mine by jumping out of a hiding place and mine hit yours with a book, and broke their nose. Now they keep apologizing as they wait in the emergency room.

10. My muse was walking and trying to look cool as they looked at yours and ran into a pole.



Muse A is kidnapped by scientists to be experimented on. Turns out these scientists were people Muse B used to work for and are trying to get back at Muse B for leaving. Now, Muse B knows what is going to happen and they muse race against time in order to save Muse A before it’s too late.

Twist #1: Muse B is too late and has to watch as Muse A dies.

Twist #2: Muse B gets there just in time to watch Muse A turn into an emotionless killer like the scientists wanted.


cadet-eren answered:

Sanatorium!AU: One of our characters is a long time resident in a sanatorium and the other is the new staff member assigned to care for them.

Anyone who came across Eren during the day would not have guessed that he was one of the patients allowed to wander the halls. He seemed normal enough, perhaps a bit angry and aggressive at times, but nothing ever strong enough to actually end up in here. Especially for the amount of time he had actually been in the hospital.

But these were not the same people who saw him when he was alone. What seemed like he was just talking himself was full on conversations in his mind. Conversations with people who never existed, created in a world that Eren almost seemed stuck in. The screams of him waking up from the horrific nightmares, the talk of flying and fighting, of a world that could never exist… When he was being studied, Eren was both a fascinating and terrifying individual Though no one could understand what had started the clawing at himself, as if he was trying to rip himself out of something. The first day he had met the new members, long bandages ran down his cheeks, though nothing could deny the bright smile on the other’s lips.

Really, he could have just as easily been a normal teenager, except for one striking thing about him, his eyes. The two extremely different tones stood out, as he finally glanced at the blonde. She was cute… And looked rather sweet.

He just hoped that he wouldn’t dream of her.



"Definitely need one…" Armin glances away from Eren, brushing his hand away. She was never good at taking compliments, courtesy of people screwing with her in high school. Never could tell when someone was being sincere or a jerk, even in her AP classes and extracurriculars. Sometimes smarter people were just as cruel as plastics.

Even though her reflexes were slow at best, she caught Eren’s wrist before he could pull it back. “No, it’s not.” Her voice put on a serious tone, hopefully driving her point home. “It’s going to get infected or something if I don’t change the bandages. Do you really want that to happen?”

"I don’t need one." He argued back, though his gaze shifted down. She was already at her limit? That was far too quickly to get anything good out of her. "I know what’s pretty and you’re foolish to think that you’re not attractive." He muttered. "All I have in this world is what I’ve seen, and I know I don’t like busty women with all the curves."

He flinched when she caught his arm, turning his gaze away from her as she started to work on that hand. He didn’t fight the decision, letting her do as she felt she needed to and knowing that everything that she spoke to be the truth. And no, he didn’t want to get it infected. “I don’t want you to see that hand though. It’s disgusting.”

"Tell that to the rest of the world…" Armin still looked childish, even by the loosest of standards. More than once she’s been mistaken for someone’s kid sister visiting them in college. It majorly peeved her, especially when that person is one of her classmates. Was she so invisible that she vanished when sitting in front of you?

Releasing Eren’s wrist from her grip, she continues wrapping his hand. Nothing looked infected, although some bites were a bit raised. Most likely, they were turning into scar tissue. There was enough of it to make his skin look blotchy and a bit Frankenstein-like. “It’s nothing to be ashamed of. Just scabs and scars.”


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